A Lost Kitten by Jessica Kong


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Readers are excited about A Lost Kitten!


From the very beginning of this book to the very end, the dynamic scene-building, character dialogue, descriptions and personalities of the characters are alive. Every time I wanted to leave off somewhere and read more of this book later, I found myself looking at the clock and realizing how late it was.  But I couldn’t stop.”

John and Jasira’s unusual relationship is believable and quite passionate.  Love does indeed conquer all, including Jasira’s lack of visible body.  The love story forms the heart and soul of the book, sandwiched between galactic warfare scenes which rather paled in comparison to the fervent love story.”

Loved, loved, loved this fantasy romance book. It has enough steamy romance to suit me, but not over the top. Not often you find a book that will keep your interest from beginning to end, but trust me this book did just that and more. In fact I just may read it again!!!”

This book should be made into a movie!! A Lost Kitten transported me into a world of fantasy that I could only dream of. Read how Jessica Kong masterfully tests her complex characters’ limits by thrusting them in dangerous situations. It was fast paced and action packed. Expect to be awed by her use of powerful literary techniques, which were well placed, as they are subtly interwoven into the book.”

It was with some trepidation that I started this book as I am not particularly a fan of the Sci-Fi genre. However, within a few pages I became engrossed in the narrative as the opening adventure had me gripped. Even so, I then started to relate the story to the Star Wars style of many years ago. But the dawning realization that the leading character John McCall is not wholly human, which incidentally begins to give a clue as to the connection to the title of the book, takes the reader on to another plane.”

I loved this book. It has the depth and pace of a Lord of the Rings Trilogy…and so visual it would make a fantastic movie script. There is something for everyone: spacecraft, humanoids, aliens, ghosts…and handsome hero and heroine. There is love and loss and all the human elements wrapped in the sensuous down to the soap and scent of essential and recognizable human everyday and luxury things. Along with the fantasy there are elements that are familiar and these juxtaposition to create the solid ground to remind the reader that all things are taken into consideration here. Pine. Vanilla. Lilac blossom and the scent of a woman. There are even bracelets that have spells on them. I just loved the idea of that.”

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