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A Child Lost in Flight written by Mohan K. is about the worst tragedy an individual could ever experience.  The loss of a child is like losing a part of yourself, a part of your soul.  That void can never be refilled, no matter how many children you have, or how long you live.  However, if given the time to grieve properly, then the pain would lessen.

This grieving period is not the same for everyone, nor do we grieve alike.  Each person must find their own path to inner peace.  For some it would take a few months before they could move onward, for others a few years.  Eventually one learns to live with the loss and move forward.

A Child Lost in Flight is about the loss of Mohan’s firstborn child and the path he was thrown onto in search of inner peace.  This story engages the reader from the beginning.  Any parent with a sympathetic heart would be touched by this incident.  How can they not be?  We have all flown with small children.  It could happen to anyone.

I, myself, have three children, and children are my weakness.  Normally, I stay away from stories with sad plots that involve children.  They give me nightmares and haunt me for several days.  For this reason only, I give this book four stars.  DO NOT allow my personal feelings keep you from reading ‘A Child Lost in Flight’.  I feel EVERYONE SHOULD READ this book.  Knowledge is power.  And this book opens your eyes to many things that we take for granted on a daily basis.

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